The Financial Freedom Project is the first financial literacy program in the country to couple grade-appropriate and culturally relevant financial education with a savings account, an investment platform, and a classroom curriculum powered by Goalsetter and Goalsetter Classroom.



Working with Birmingham City Schools’ leadership, we have identified six pilot schools to offer immersive in-person financial education instruction at the 4th, 8th, and 12th-grade levels.

Pilot Schools & Grade Levels

Jackson Olin
12th Graders
12th Graders
South Hampton
8th Graders
7th Graders
Sun Valley
4th Graders

4th Graders

Student Touchpoints

In-person Topics Covered

Student Touchpoints

Goalsetter App Features

How We Measure Student Success

We will evaluate students’ financial beliefs, knowledge, goals, and habits within each session. They’ll take pre and post-tests, and we’ll capture their short and long-term financial behaviors.


Students benefit from educators who feel more secure in their financial beliefs. We provide various educational and financial resource opportunities for the faculty and staff at our six pilot schools.


We amplify the impact of the financial education we provide students when we also equip their parents and caregivers with the same education and access to resources and connections to improve their financial situation.

Faculty/Staff & Parent/Caregiver Touchpoints

Financial Empowerment Fair

The financial empowerment fair is a one-day event that will educate participants on financial wellness basics and provide direct access to organizations and programs that could provide immediate financial relief, stability, and guidance.

Financial Workshops feat. (Anthony Anderson) & Financial Experts

Each monthly workshop will begin with Black-Ish star and actor Anthony Anderson explaining the foundational components of the 12 fundamental wealth-building principles. These workshops will also include a guided 60-minute presentation with a Q&A.

One-on-One Financial Consulting

We will provide professional guidance to help faculty and staff manage financial issues, identify immediate action steps, and make referrals to other services at no cost. The IMC staff will facilitate this service with local financial experts.

Goalsetter App Features